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In summer as well as in winter Vorarlberg offers varied activities amidst impressive natural scenery between mountains and lake.

Sonnenaufgangswanderung Diedamskopf, Au-Schoppernau
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Bungee jump

This bridge is high, fair enough. One hundred and six metres should suffice for a gentle fall on an elastic rope, as well as for a good adrenaline cocktail in your body. This jump is considered seriously cool – the extremely tough safety standards have been proving themselves accident-free since 1997. This is the perfect place for anybody bravely looking for the next adventure.

E-Bike Tours

Guided e-bike tours greatly enlarge the network of tours that can be taken by groups, the mountains and their nature can be enjoyed in a state of relaxation, and your clothing is not quite as sweaty at the end of the tour. 

Flying Fox

For some, dashing through the woods at a speed of 130km an hour is just a speed kick at an altitude of 160 metres. For others, it is the craving for their own wings that you get for the duration of the flight at least. 

Kleinwalsertal mountain adventure

Five hours of exploring boundaries: that’s an impressive mountain experience with team-building aspects. There is a challenge for everyone and more can be achieved together than by yourself. 

Creating something from wood – DIY workshop

Making clocks, pepper mills and lamps from wood – all of that and much more is possible at the workshops that the Bizau-based Bär company organises in the Bregenzerwald. The idea is right on trend because the more digital the world becomes, the greater the desire is to make something from scratch with your own hands. 

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Ride on the Wälderbähnle

The Bregenzerwald wouldn’t be what it is today without the famous Wälderbähnle. The original steam engine still services a stretch of the line – a cosy journey through time, whatever your age.

Feldkirch Adventure Tours

The historic old town of Feldkirch at the foot of Schattenburg Castle and protected by a Buddhist monastery is home to many historical nooks and crannies, inns, taverns and markets and the legacy of the humanists who made history there long ago.

World of Beer - museum at the Mohren brewery

The name is intentional – the long-established Mohren brewery in Dornbirn has over time developed into an experience world with museum, guided tours, a creative brewery, tastings and attractive workshop rooms right at its heart. Interested visitors may enjoy making their own beer in a single day that takes in all the processes from malt crushing to mashing, purifying and cooking.

Barefoot path

Walking barefoot through the millennia-old upland moor in Bizauer Obermoos sharpens perception with all the senses. Many immediately fall in love with the sludge between their toes, whereas others need some time to get used to it. 

Dietrichs Vorarlberger Kostbarkeiten - walk and farm visit

Seeing what goes on behind the scenes at a schnapps tasting or chatting on a stroll through an orchard. A guided tour at the local producer Dietrichs Vorarlberg Kostbarkeiten creates a casual and entertaining setting for meetings, workshops and conferences. 

Guided tour and tasting bei MAAN Spirituosen

How can gin be so subtle? How can kummel liqueur be so sophisticated? And what inspires these combinations of flavours? Participants on a guided tour at MAAN – makers of fine spirits in Alberschwende – will discover the love, patience and quality that goes into every bottle. 

Experiencing KUB

The Kunsthaus Bregenz is one of the most important museum buildings in the world when it comes to contemporary architecture. It has been attracting art enthusiasts as well as fans of architecture ever since its inauguration in 1997. An hour-long guided tour on the theme of architecture affords attendees a look behind the scenes of the multi-award-winning building by architect Peter Zumthor.

Art Courses

While away the hours creating artworks, working with your hands and letting ideas fly - there are no borders to creativity in Doris Schnell’s art courses. 

Piste basher esperience

Make your dream come true – conquer a mountain slope on a seriously big machine. The perfect adrenaline rush for techies. After a brief introduction, adults holding a driving licence are allowed to drive the 490-HP piste basher themselves, with co-pilots of any age allowed on board. I

BBQ at Rheindamm

A trip on the Rheinbähnle (historical train) along the mouth of the river is an impressive natural experience as an atmospheric finale to a conference. A view of the vastness of the lake, collecting driftwood in the nature reserve, the charm of the steam engine which is used for special events and the continual work on the dam – start this off with a welcome drink, and feel grounded and connected with the force and energy of water and Mother Nature herself.

Lisa Rädler
Lisa Rädler
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Side Events

It would be a shame to let a conference or congress programme in Vorarlberg come to an end without enjoying one of the numerous natural or cultural activities on offer here. One of the playful team-building exercises is the perfect way to wind down following the intensive exchange of insights. Or maybe you prefer to finish your meeting with a sensorial flourish, and enjoy a culinary highlight from the regional cuisine?

Irrespective of how much time you have at your disposal, whether it is summer or winter, indoors or out, the region offers the most varied challenges imaginable.  Set against breath-taking natural backdrops, between the mountain and the lake, between the lowlands of the Rhine Valley and the peaks of the Piz Buin.

Group activities as well as time-out alone are quite simply refreshing for the soul, and give you the chance to experience and absorb the extraordinary, before you get back to everyday life.

The cultural pastimes in the region are on the lively side and of a high quality. The Bregenz Festival – held on the world’s largest lake stage – functions as a culture magnet. The Schubertiade, the Bregenzer Frühling dance festival, the Kunsthaus Bregenz and, it goes without saying, Vorarlberg architecture, are also very popular amongst visitors.

Making a decision is hard – the best thing to do is to take advantage of the advice offered by the team at the Convention Partner Vorarlberg, in order to draw up the perfect package for you.