Team Aktivität im Montafon, Biathlon

The practice of hunting using a bow and arrow on skis has been handed down from prehistoric rock paintings in the far north. These days, this form of hunting is known as the biathlon and has become a trendy sport. Shooting with a steady hand after completing the cross-country skiing demands mental strength and precision, and even if there is no cross-country skiing involved, you still need to shoot, with all that is involved. An exceptionally valuable experience which, incidentally, throws a very individual light on your own ability to focus. Since however it is more to do with a fun outdoor activity, it doesn’t really matter if you hit or miss. It is all about team activities, having fun together and exercising in the fresh air.

Duration: 2 hours

Team-Building Aktivität Vorarlberg, Biathlon
Team-Building Aktivität Vorarlberg, Biathlon
Team Aktivität, Biathlon
Team-Building Vorarlberg, Biathlon im Sommer