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Global Destination Sustainability Index
Global Destination Sustainability Index

The topic of sustainability is very important to Vorarlberg as a region. Convention Partner Vorarlberg wishes to raise awareness for the subject within the event industry by participating in the GDS Index and, wherever possible.

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Kleinwalsertal im Nebel
Green Meeting und Green Event Certification

It is possible to certify events in Vorarlberg with the Österreichische Umweltzeichen – the Eco Symbol of Austria – for ‘Green Meetings and Green Events’. 

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Registrierung beim LED professional Symposium 2018 im Festspielhaus Bregenz
Events Vorarlberg app for event organisers

The Events Vorarlberg App was premièred during the World Gymnaestrada 2019 in Vorarlberg. The launch was highly successful with more than 21,000 downloads and so the event portal for virtual and hybrid event formats and physical events was developed further. It is now available through a licensing model to event organisers in Vorarlberg.

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Tagungslocation Sonnenkönigin
Lake Constance Event Boats

What better way to experience Lake Constance than on board one of the lake’s event boats? The varied event programme on the waves of the lake offers an inspiring contrast to congresses, meetings and conferences. 

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Aussenansicht Seehotel am Kaiserstrand mit Badehaus am Bodensee in Lochau
Lake Constance conference hotels

The Lake Constance region is a popular and much visited destination for meetings. Its ideal location in the region where three countries come together and the wide range of available venues and hotels mean that many meetings are staged in the Lake Constance region every year. 

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Konzertbestuhlung Grosser Saal Montforthaus Feldkirch
Location scouting from your desk

We have created virtual tours of our real-world conference centres in the digital space because images say so much more than words. These tours allow you to visit several locations within a short time – all from the comfort of your own desk.

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Seminarraum Hotel Sonnenburg, Riezlern
Meeting rooms with summit views

A day in a meeting room can be quite exhausting and leave your brain genuinely frazzled! There’s often only one thing to do then and that’s to take a brief mental time out and allow your eyes to wander from the flip chart to the window. 

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Bergbach, Kleinwalsertal
Green Meetings in Vorarlberg

An insight into the certification of the Kleinwalsertaler Dialoge.

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