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Vorarlberg is located in the far west of Austria, right next to the borders Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Vorarlberg is a pleasantly sized region, easily to get to from all directions and by all modes of transport. 

Öffentlicher Verkehr in Vorarlberg

Getting here


Vorarlberg is easily accessible from all directions. Toll stickers are required for motorways and dual carriageways in Austria.
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Travel comfortably to Vorarlberg by train. From Germany by Deutsche Bahn via Lindau to Bregenz, from Switzerland via Zurich to Feldkirch or Bregenz and from Austria via Innsbruck and the Arlbergtunnel.

Austrian Federal Railways
German Railways
Swiss Federal Railways

Thanks to the newly electrified line, a faster rail connection has been running several times a day between Munich and Lindau since December 2020. Since its launch, the journey from Munich’s main station to Bregenz now only takes two hours. Direct trains also run several times a day between Zurich Airport and Bregenz. The train journey takes around 1.5 hours.


The closest airports are Zurich (CH), St. Gallen-Altenrhein (CH, scheduled flights with the People’s Viennaline to and from Vienna), Friedrichshafen (D, sheduled international flights), Memmingen (D, scheduled international flights with Ryanair and other airlines), Munich (D) and Stuttgart (D).

The closest airports (Distance to Bregenz):

Memmingen (83 km)
Zurich (122 km) - COneutral airport
Munich (190 km) - COneutral airport
St. Gallen/Altenrhein  (25 km)
Friedrichshafen (32 km)
Innsbruck (200 km)

People’s Viennaline, founded by People’s Business Airport St. Gallen-Altenrhein, operates four times per day between St. Gallen-Altenrhein and Vienna.

Find detailed flight schedule here:

Österreichkarte mit Flughäfen

Offsetting CO2 Emissions

Many people travel regularly on business to events and congresses in other regions and cities. Such travel consumes many resources, causes emissions and is detrimental to our environment. But there are simple ways to offset the CO2 emissions that travel produces:

  • KlimaCent – voluntary and self-determined CO2 levy
  • myclimate – CO2 calculator and offset levy


Mobility in Vorarlberg

The distances in Vorarlberg are short and the public transport network is well developed. Business guests and congress participants are able to utilise many of the options that are available for getting around Vorarlberg in an environmentally friendly way:

  • On foot: most of the conference venues are centrally located and may be reached on foot from the hotels in just a few minutes.
  • Bicycle hire
  • eScooter hire
  • eCar hire
  • Public transport: route planner


The ÖPNV event ticket entitles participants to use the public transport network in Vorarlberg free of charge. An application for the ticket is made in advance by the organiser and it can then be downloaded digitally to mobile phones and tablets. When certain conditions have been met, Convention Partner Vorarlberg is also able to provide financial support for conference organisers applying for event tickets for their participants. 


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