Skyspace Lech


Skyspace Lech

Cultural highlight, architectural challenge and a holistic experience of space, light and time. SkyspaceLech is a work of art in the medium of light and is also a part of a worldwide series of art by the internationally renowned artist James Turrell. Guided tours take around 45 minutes and are organised around the times the sun rises and sets.

A 15-metre long tunnel leads into an elliptical nine-metre long and six-metre wide ‘Sensing Room’. Inside, the typical Turrell bench, which runs around the light installation, awaits where visitors can sit and let the work of art develop its effect. The special dome may be opened to present a view of the sky – no other Skyspace in the world does that. The fact that it’s possible to experience two artistic concepts by Turrell at the same time is just as rare:

Skyspace concept with open dome:

As the sun rises and sets, the walls and ceiling become the canvas for a changing play of colours and that’s exactly when the art of light sets in. The opened dome turns the sky into part of the room and a spectacle of light is produced right in the middle of the high alpine landscape.

Ganzfeld-Effekt (Full-field Effect) with closed dome:

The walls and ceilings are illuminated with Turrell’s continuous presentation, the Closed Light Programme, when the dome must remain closed due to bad weather. The previously clear organisation of the room dissolves, the viewer’s perception is tested.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Skyspace, Lech
Farbspiel Skyspace, Lech
Farbspiel Skyspace, Lech
Ausflugsziel Skyspace, Lech