Experiencing KUB


Beleuchtung Ausstellungsraum Kunsthaus, Bregenz

The Kunsthaus Bregenz is one of the most important museum buildings in the world when it comes to contemporary architecture. It has been attracting art enthusiasts as well as fans of architecture ever since its inauguration in 1997. An hour-long guided tour on the theme of architecture affords attendees a look behind the scenes of the multi-award-winning building by architect Peter Zumthor. The structure of the building and its steel structure are visible, and the magic of 1997’s prize winner of the much sought-after Mies van der Rohe Award is only increased.

Duration: 1 hour

Fassade Kunsthaus, Bregenz
Architektur Kunsthaus, Bregenz
Ausstellungsraum Kunsthaus, Bregenz
Architekturführung Kunsthaus, Bregenz