Fassade des Kongresshaus Montforthaus in Feldkirch
Montforthaus Feldkirch

An event space of 6,200 m², with green meeting certification, that offers professional customer service, in the most modern location in Vorarlberg. The new Montforthaus is about to set new standards in the meeting industry.

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in the largest hall

The pull of optimum conditions

The Monforthaus’s modern architecture blends seamless into the centre of the medieval town of Feldkirch. Since opening in 2016, the centre has gained an international reputation of excellence, not just for the incredibly designed and built venue, but also for the standard of service and equipment available to their clients. One successful example of such is the “Montforter Zwischentöne”, which attracts numerous international visitors year on year. They return with a contagious enthusiasm for the experience they have the conference’s multiple diverse event modules. At his event every advantage is taken of the opportunities for fantastic concert experiences through to the small, stylish meetings.

Konzertbestuhlung Grosser Saal Montforthaus Feldkirch


Square Metres

event space

Feldkirch is the most energy-efficient town in Austria, and was recently the recipient of the European Energy Award in Gold. In the Montforthaus, each and every possible detail has been optimised with regard to sustainability. The culture and congress centre in the heart of the town of Feldkirch offers ten different function rooms: from the separate meeting room through to the large concert hall with 1150 seats. Also the two roof terraces, with stunning views, can be used for functions.

Contact: Anna-Maria Meier-Satran

Montforthaus Feldkirch

Montfortplatz 1
6800 Feldkirch

Key Data

l x w x h
Capacity in
theater style
Capacity in
class room style
Capacity in
banquet style
Capacity in
cocktail style
DaylightBlack-out blindsAircondition
Atrium E0450m² -----
Altstadt160m²12 x 14 x 413872128--
Großer Saal E0695m²29 x 29 x 10837414680--
Goßer Saal Bühne326m² 177-136--
Großer Saal Galerie228m²60 x 3,5 x 5232-116--
Galerieerweiterung53m²3 x 17 x 381----
Kleiner Saal E1236m²16 x 15 x 6234134224-
Seminarraum 1 E187m²12 x 7 x 2,59140--
Seminarraum 2 E169m²10 x 7 x 2,55628--
Seminarraum 3 U171m²14 x 5 x 2,56030--
Dachgalerie161m²15 x 13 x 2,710061110-
Gastronomie121m² --100-
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