13 extraordinary places for meetings and event 

Places in stunning locations with a long and exciting history. 

Eventsetting im Pool, Altes Hallenbad in Feldkirch

Anyone planning an event, a seminar or a conference needs to carefully consider the location. Should it be beautiful, easily accessible, quietly different? Here we bring you 13 places in stunning locations with a long and exciting history. 

 Let’s start with the Alten Seifenfabrik in Lauterach. Soaps and detergents were produced here until the 1980s but today it’s a historically significant seminar location for up to 300 people. The charming former production hall adapts to requirements and can also be flexibly modified for smaller groups. 

Over at Blumen Kopf 1er Hus in Frastanz you can exchange ideas in a relaxing ambiance surrounded by flowers and plants. Depending on the type of event, up to 100 people can be accommodated, and even the adjacent garden can be used too. 

 For those who want to immerse themselves even deeper in the natural world, that’s definitely what you’ll get at inatura in Dornbirn. Where a historic Industrial Revolution-era factory once stood, a modern museum now invites visitors young and old. From 7 p.m. onwards the museum itself can be transformed into an event location for up to 200 people. 

Nearby, the old work yard in Lustenau and the former quarry in Koblach-Mäder opened their doors in 1997 to give people an insight into 120 years of life on the Rhine. Nowadays the three seminar rooms of the Rhein-Schauen Museums are open for congresses and meetings, and a successful working day can be capped off with an enchanting ride on the steam train along the river to the lake.

Eventlocation Alte Seifenfabrik, Lauterach
Eventlocation 1er Hus
Aussenasicht inatura und Kunstraum Dornbirn
Ausstellung Rheinschauen

The old sawmill at the Alte Säge in Bezau has always been a bustling place for meeting and exchanging. The spruce façade may now have greyed, but on the inside the Alte Säge is as lively as ever. Once full of wood and sawdust, it’s now ideas and inspiration which fill the air.  

Just as inspiring is Conrad Sohm in Dornbirn, a place which unifies two local stories. Its nameplate once belonged to a toy shop in the centre of Dornbirn which closed it’s doors and handed on the its name to an old factory site on the city’s outskirts. Today, Conrad Sohm is known as an exciting venue for events, concerts and club nights. 

Another lively venue is the Altes Hallenbad in Feldkirch, home today to events such as the annual Poolbar Festival. Located a short walking distance from the city centre, this former swimming pool has unique spaces which can adapt to a wide variety of events, workshops and celebrations. 

If you want to combine your event with the pleasure of drinking, you have three excellent choices. In Montafon, Verners 2020 in Bartholomäberg has made a name for itself as an event location. It offers among other things a show distillery, a show kitchen, a wool studio and a farm shop. A range of special workshops add a creative touch to every event. 

Eventlocation Conrad Sohm, Dornbirn
Eventsetting im Pool, Altes Hallenbad in Feldkirch
Tagungslocation Verner's 2020, Bartholomäberg
Titelbild Ausstellung Mohren Biererlebniswelt

The Mohren Biererlebniswelt lives up to its name, which in German promises a genuine “beer experience”. The brewery has both a charming historic brewing cellar and a thoroughly modern and chic roof terrace where wonderful barbecues can be organised. And naturally, there are also guided tours and tastings to round off this beer experience. 

From beer and onwards to gin: the Löwen lay dormant for a long time until its restaurant became a distillery. Now it’s an inn, a mountain gin distillery and an event location all in one. There is room for parties and seminars for up to 120 people in the two cosy spaces and its Löwensaal, with a gin workshop giving the whole event an extra touch of class. 

Villa Maund in Schoppernau is an equally stylish place to celebrate - an exceptionally beautiful hidden gem in Bregenzerwald. The villa was built 100 years ago for the hunting elites, and its guests included crown princes and aristocrats. Between May and October, Villa Maund is available for closed parties of 20 and 70 people. 

Sitting atop Bregenz, Burgrestaurant Gebhardsberg can also tell plenty of noble stories. The castle has been shaken by wars over the years, but always rebuilt. Since time immemorial, it has looked out over the Rhine valley and offers an enviable view of Lake Constance and the Swiss mountains. In this fairytale setting, up to 300 people can celebrate in the house and up to 500 in its open-air courtyard. 

A little down the Rhine valley lies Jonas Schlössle in Götzis, which has stood in the town square since 1584 and brings medieval flair to the town. Since then, it has been lovingly renovated over the years but still serves as it always did – as an impressive location for meetings, gatherings and festivities. 

Eventlocation Alte Säge, Bezau
Lädele in der Bergbrennerei & Gasthaus Löwen
Eventlocation Villa Maund, Schoppernau
Treppenhaus Jonas Schlössle, Götzis