Meeting rooms for fans of architecture

Balkon Seminarhaus Schtûbat, Andelsbuch

10 exceptional meeting rooms

Those who think that the apples and the juices on the table are the most exciting thing about meeting and conference locations are very much mistaken. There are places that fans of architecture will marvel at, that will give any event an exclusive touch and that stand out from the standard grey of classic meeting rooms by a country mile. The best thing: Vorarlberg is the place to find many of them.

Schtûbat, Tempel 74, Werkraum Bregenzerwald and Dorfsaal Mellau

‘Zur Schtûbat gau’ (to visit someone at home) is able to look back on an equally long history in the Bregenzerwald as craftsmanship is able to. Only the trades and craftspeople from a radius of within 20 kilometres were involved in the renovation of the Schtûbat. And that was not by accident, it was an expression of the appreciation and creation of value in the region. The architectural and crafted details in the Schtûbat bring the hosts’ values closer to the guests, they combine functionality and aesthetics and are an inspiration to future generations. It is possible to rent the entire house exclusively as well as the apartments for working and organising workshops and meetings. Service and support included.

Just like the Schtûbat, the light-flooded Werkraum Bregenzerwald is located right at the heart of Andelsbuch. The probably most famous building in the Bregenzerwald is also available to hire for a variety of event formats. A short drive farther along will bring visitors to the next architectural highlight: Tempel 74 in Mellau. Tempel 74 consists of a modern new building and a faithful reconstruction of a traditional Wälderhaus and spans the arc between old and new. Host Jürgen Haller himself is the builder and architect. On his guided tours, he personally shares insights into his Tempel, which has been the recipient of several awards, e.g. the 8th Hypo Bauherrenpreis and the German Design Award in the category of ‘Excellent Architecture – Architecture’. It is possible to meet with up to 10 people in the parlour at the impressive location.

Just around the corner, so to speak, is the Dorfsaal Mellau, the village hall, which has been enhancing the centre of the village of Mellau since 2018. It is able to accommodate up to 300 people, it naturally comes with the necessary infrastructure for catering and the large village square on the front door step offers the opportunity to get some fresh air during breaks. The architectural concept was developed by Dorner / Matt Architekten from Bregenz and was subsequently implemented by Kaspar Greber Holz- und Wohnbau GmbH from Bezau.

Aussenansicht Dorfsaal Mellau
Seminarhaus Schtûbat, Andelsbuch
Seminarhotel Tempel 74 in Mellau, Bregenzerwald
Aussenansicht Werkraum Bregenzerwald

Hotel Schwärzler, IRMHILD and vorarlberg museum

From the Bregenzerwald, we head towards the lake of Constance and stop by the Hotel Schwärzler which has been awarded with the ‘green meeting’ certification. The language of contemporary architecture meets traditional heritage. The conference hotel conveys the Vorarlberg way of life to its guests with authenticity, ease and character. Bright, friendly and always with a view to the outside. There is no artifice needed here because all the conversions have been planned by the local architects Dorner / Matt and implemented with the trades from the region since 2013.

We are staying in Bregenz and stop by IRMHILD at the heart of the city. IRMHILD is a lovingly preserved Art Deco apartment from the 1950s. It is a meeting room, thinking space and source of inspiration at the same time – but IRMHILD is, above all, a rare jewel of 1950s architecture.

The vorarlberg museum presents a contrasting programme. Bregenz-based architects Andreas Cukrowicz and Anton Nachbaur-Sturm won the architectural competition to convert and rebuild the museum in 2007. The challenge was to integrate the listed district headquarters into the new building. A six-storey building in passive-house quality with an exhibition space measuring 2400 square metres was built in 33 months. The first floor houses the lecture and event hall, which is a really impressive space that features lots of wood and a large panoramic window that overlooks Kornmarktplatz. A variety of workshop rooms are available for smaller groups to get together.

Bestuhlung, Tagungslocation IRMHILD in Bregenz
Tagungslocation vorarlberg museum, Bregenz
Barbereich im Seminarhotel Schwärzler, Bregenz
Veranstaltungssaal vorarlberg museum, Bregenz

Das Tschofen, Wald 12 and Genuss- und Aktivhotel Sonnenburg

Das Tschofen and the Eberle Haus have enjoyed strong links for more than half a century. Roland Eberle’s father ran a second-generation bakery here until 1943. The ground floor and the first floor of the Eberle house were later rented to the Tschofen family, which ran a speciality shop for tableware and kitchen appliances here until it finally closed. The old town house immediately casts its spell on visitors. The listed building has today been revived as a loving city hotel that – as has always been the case – welcomes its guests. Ideal for meetings with flair, the charm of the old town and great flexibility.

Those who are impressed by history and atmosphere will find a jewel in the Wald 12 building for meetings: 400-year-old walls filled with new life. Wald 12 is one of the oldest surviving mountain farmhouses in Wald am Arlberg. The vaulted cellar, the centuries-old tiled stove in the parlour, the ‘Lutzofen’ stove on the top floor and the panelled ceiling that was fitted with such great attention to detail create a unique atmosphere within the building, a feeling of humility and security. The newly built rooms, which are in keeping with the building’s character, were realised in the former domestic wing, a part of the structure that originally dates back to 1780.

It is apparent at first glance that Genuss- und Aktivhotel Sonnenburg is something special where its architecture is concerned. But not only that, even if the shell seems very up to date, there remains the precious old core inside. Margarethe and Paul Wohlgenannt bought the then more than 300-year-old main house in 1929 and transformed it into a ‘restaurant with accommodation’. Their granddaughter Heike Wohlgenannt has been running the Sonnenburg since 2002. The architecture exudes a modern lightness that in spite of that does not seem to have lost sight of tradition. Evidence of the family’s history is to be found throughout the building and brings Walser culture to life, including in the meeting room for 10 people that boasts a 180° panoramic view of the Kleinwalsertal alpine world.

Aussenansicht Genuss- & Aktivhotel Sonnenburg
Doppelzimmer im Seminarhotel das Tschofen, Bludenz
Gang Wald12, Wald am Arlberg
Seminarraum Hotel Sonnenburg, Riezlern