Meeting rooms for fans of architecture

Kaminlounge in der Fuchsegg Eco Lodge


If you think the free food and drinks are the highlight of a seminar or meeting, then you’ve not yet been to the right places. Locations exist which impress even great architecture connoisseurs, and which give every event an exclusive feel – far from the standard gray of classic meeting rooms. And the good news is that Vorarlberg has many such places.

The selected conference rooms in this article are from the series "Living & Dwelling" by the vai Vorarlberger Architektur Institut.


In the Bregenzerwald region - where handcraft, culture and closeness to nature have a long tradition - productivity and inspiration are timeless values. The Fuchsegg Eco Lodge in Schettereggis a prime example of this. This ultra-modern ensemble of six buildings is inspired by the typical Bregenzerwald mountain houses, and surrounded by the glorious peace of forests, meadows and footpaths. For those looking for a little more action and village life, the Sonne Lifestyle Resort Bregenzerwald in Mellau is an excellent choice. The resort is respectfully built in a style which nestles perfectly into the village. Modernity blends seamlessly with tradition, creating an ideal place for a memorable seminar or event.

Just around the corner is Dorfsaal Mellau, sitting in the centre of Mellau since 2018. Here up to 300 participants can be accommodated, with catering infrastructure and the village square right outside for breaks in the fresh mountain air. The architectural concept was envisioned by the Bregenz-based Dorner/Matt, and brought to life by Kaspar Greber Holz- und Wohnbau GmbH from nearby Bezau.

The village of Mellau is host to yet another architectural highlight: Tempel 74. Bridging the old and the new, Tempel 74 consists of a modern building and a faithful reconstruction of a traditional house in regional style. The proprietor Jürgen Haller is himself an architect, and during guided tours he gives personal insights into the building which was awarded the 8th Hypo Bauherrenpreis as well as the German Design Award in the category of “Excellent Architecture”. In an impressive location, this unique space can fit up to 10 seminar participants.

The Bregenzerwald region is well-known for its hospitality, something which is in no short supply at the Gasthof Krone in Hittisau. Sitting proudly in the town square, the building is the work of architect Bernardo Baders and has received many awards including the Vorarlberger Holzbaupreis in 2009, and in 2010 both the Vorarlberger Hypo-Bauherrenpreis and the Constructive Alps Awards.


Aussenansicht Dorfsaal Mellau
Seminarhotel Tempel 74 in Mellau, Bregenzerwald
Fuchsegg Eco Lodge Bregenzerwald
Restaurant Hotel Krone Hittisau


From the Bregenzerwald, we head towards Lake Constance and stop by the Hotel Schwärzler which has been awarded the ‘green meeting’ certification. Here, contemporary architecture meets traditional heritage at a conference hotel conveying the Vorarlberg way of life to guests with authenticity, ease and character. The space is bright and welcoming, with constant views to the outside. The original building has been lovingly restored by local architects and tradesmen over the last decade.

Staying in Bregenz, we stop by IRMHILD at the heart of the city. This is a lovingly preserved Art Deco apartment from the 1950s. It is concurrently a meeting room, thinking space and source of inspiration, and above all a rare jewel of 1950s architectural design.

In the centre of Bregenz, the vorarlberg museum presents a diverse programme held within a stunning building. Local architects Andreas Cukrowicz and Anton Nachbaur-Sturm won the architectural competition to convert and rebuild the museum back in 2007. The challenge was to integrate the listed district headquarters into a new building. The result was a six-storey building in passive-house quality with an exhibition space measuring 2400 m2, built over 33 months. The first floor houses a lecture and events hall, an impressive space featuring plenty of wood and a large panoramic window that overlooks the city’s central square. For smaller groups, a variety of workshop rooms are available for smaller groups to gather.

Leaving Vorarlberg’s capital, we arrive at the nearby market town of Dornbirn. Awaiting us there is Vienna House Martinspark, an architectural highlight for innovative seminar and event hosts. Right in the centre of Dornbirn, Vienna House Martinspark has proven to be a magnet for anyone remotely interested in the art of architecture – especially the seemingly floating restaurant above the hotel entrance. The seminar and meeting rooms are located in a separate building next to the hotel, surrounded by wooden slats.

Bestuhlung, Tagungslocation IRMHILD in Bregenz
Tagungslocation vorarlberg museum, Bregenz
Aussenansicht Vienna House Martinspark Dornbirn


The Tschofen and Eberle Haus have been closely linked for almost a century. Up to 1943, Roland Eberle's father was the second generation to run a patisserie here. Later, the ground floor and first floor of the Eberle house were rented out to the Tschofen family who ran a specialist shop for crockery and kitchen utensils. The enchanting old townhouse, now a listed building, has been given a new lease of life as a charming hotel. With its unique flair, it’s an ideal spot for flexible conferences with old-world charm.

If you’re looking for yet more unique options, at Boutique-Hotel Lün you’ll find a veritable pearl of alpine lifestyle. A love for good architecture is already palpable from the outside, and this continues once you step through the doors. With natural materials, warm colours and textiles, the furnishings tastefully reflect time-honoured living spaces in the Alps.

Tagungsraum im Hotel das Tschofen, Bludenz
Seminar Hotel Lün, Brand