vorarlberg museum, Bregenz
vorarlberg museum

The programme of events offered by vorarlberg museum is itself a magnet for enthusiastic visitors. Additionally, the two lovely rooms on the first floor and the atrium on the ground floor can be used independently. 

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The technical support is perfect, as is the catering, and the view of the Kornmarktplatz further reinforces the urban feeling you get in the centre of Bregenz. The prize-winning architecture boosts the calibre of the events up a notch.

Contact: Manfred Welte and Ulrike Schüller

vorarlberg museum

Kornmarktplatz 1
6900 Bregenz
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Key Data

l x w x h
divisible in
(m² per part)
Capacity in
theater style
Capacity in
class room style
Capacity in
cocktail style
DaylightBlack-out blindsAircondition
Veranstaltungssaal198m219 x 10-17090200
Vortragssaal81m210 x 8-504080-
Workshop 140m210 x 5- 2020
Workshop 240m210 x 5- 2020
Atrium335m2 -350 350