Aussenansicht Festspielhaus Bregenz bei Nacht © Lisa Mathis
Kongresskultur Bregenz

A multi-award winning venue that boasts not only the title, “one of best congress centres in the world”, it also has one of the most spectacular locations in the world.

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with endless posibilites

The very best in professionalism and reliability

Kongresskultur Bregenz, with their location the Bregenz Festival House, is one of the most attractive event centres in Central Europe and attracts international companies, as well as social visionaries to the incomparably lovely shore of Lake Constance. The light and modern function rooms offer sufficient space for meetings of all sizes. Twenty-three different rooms for fulfilling all types of requirements are available. From the lakeside foyer with its spectacular view of the stage, through to the large convert hall with the latest AV and stage equipment.

The charming Werkstattbühne, which holds up to 3,700 visitors, can be combined with the main stage and the sub-stages I and II for large meetings and events.

Bundestagung der Jungen Wirtschaft im großen Saal Festspielhaus Bregenz © Anja Köhler


hotel rooms

are located within a 10 minutes' walk

The events team has a proven track record of faultless event management, and are tested every season during the festival productions in the summer months as around 7,000 guests flock to the lake stands and, all require precision hosting and support. The complexity of the stage technology on the lake is second to none. Even the smallest seminar event organiser can rely on this team of Kongresskultur Bregenz. Sustainability and corporate responsibility are always a consideration and the “green meeting certificate” is part of the course for a congress establishment of this calibre. Any kind of meeting can be organised in line with the green line certificate, and can be advertised as such.

The “buehnendrei” restaurant overlooks Platz der Wiener Symphoniker, which can also be used as a location for major events. Open-air events around the impressive “Ready Maid” bronze sculpture by the artist Gottfried Bechtold, can be attended by up to 12,000 people on lovely summer nights.

Note: There are renovations taking place in the Bregenz Festival House until December 2024. However, all kind of events and meetings can still take place.

Contact: Matthias Wunder

Kongresskultur Bregenz

Platz der Wiener Symphoniker 1
6900 Bregenz
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Key Data

l x w x h
Capacity in
theater style
Capacity in 
class room style
Capacity in
banquet style
Capacity in
cocktail style
DaylightBlack-out blindsAircondition
Großer Saal  1.656478----
 Hauptbühne550m² 22 x 25 x 25560288396442-- 
 Vorbühne126m² 7 x 17105----- 
 Hinterbühne255m²15 x 17 x 9240105150157-- 
 Seitenbühne I272m²16 x 16 x 9240105180167-- 
 Seitenbühne II336m² 15,5 x 20 x 9 322126210231-- 
 Werkstattbühne 1.665m²45 x 37 x 9,61.5636121.0781.405-- 
 Seestudio330m²21 x 16 x 6,1330168270252     
 Seefoyer230m²33 x 7 x 616881192137     
 Saal Bodensee 295m²21 x 14 x 2,8315141216242     
 Seegalerie 161m²23 x 7 x 2,816710014485     
 Saal Panorama165m² 15 x 11 x 2,216587108138     
 Parkstudio270m² 30 x 9 x 3220132198115     
 Propter Homines 126m²18 x 7 x 6,51006310097     
 Blaue Lounge259m²18 x 7 x 6,5--60717  - 
Seebühne und Tribüne  6.980--- --