When cooking strengthens the team


Incentive Kochrunde mit Frau Kaufmann, Bregenzerwald

Vorarlberg is not only beautiful – it is also a place where fantastic dining is possible. Those wanting to take a step beyond simply taking a stroll through the region’s culinary specialities may do so at a wide range of different cooking courses and workshops. It is a well-known fact that food connects and the friendly atmosphere makes it simply good to chat. Six ideas for cooking together, trying new things out and tasteful team building have been presented below.

Roast’n’Roll is the name of the game when you join ‘King of Barbecue’ Tom Heinzle at the barbecue tolearn how to combine foods and flavours. Those who think they already know everything there is to know about cooking on a barbecue will be surprised to find out what else you can do and, above all, what goes together. Be it summer or winter, barbecue groups manage to inspire people all year round. Up to 25 participants can join in for half a day of barbecuing, eating and working together.

Mike P. Pansi – King of ‘Alpen Culinary’ – is at least as well known in the world of food as the ‘King of Grill’. His Chef’s Table at his Pansi's Kochmeisterei pop-up restaurant in Hohenems offers space for between four and 10 guests to witness creative and new interpretations of classic Austrian cuisine. But it is not just about seeing the cook at work, it is also about being active, getting involved and helping out. Team building for all the senses!

Grillkurs mit Tom Heinzle
Grillkurs mit Tom Heinzle
Rahmenprogramm in Pansis Kochmeisterei

As impressive as Mike P. Pansi’s innovative spirit is, Mrs Kaufmann’s cooking sessions are just as thrilling. Not only is Mrs Kaufmann the winner of the Vorarlberg Tourism Innovation Award, she is also and – above all – a refreshingly unusual cook. By the time her cooking sessions have come to an end, everyone present will have realised how uncomplicated cooking can be and how to plan for an entire week in no time at all. Practical knowledge for all, top atmosphere for great conversations and, of course, incredibly good food.

A new love for award-winning cuisine: insects have recently become Europe’s crunchiest food trend. So an insect cooking workshop is the ideal opportunity to try something together as a team that perhaps no one has dared to do before. These unusual treats are boiled, grilled and fried. It’s really entertaining as chef Anja shares how good this super-food actually is.

Rahmenprogramm Kochkurs mit Frau Kaufmann, Bregenzerwald
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A little more traditional – but no less exciting – is a dairy course that gives the team the opportunity to make its own cheese. We all love it but who has actually ever made it before? It is possible to wonderfully combine a workshop in one of Vorarlberg’s alpine dairies with an easy hike.

How about tasting fine spirits after a successful day at the meeting? Including a look behind the scenes during which participants may watch the distillers at work and take a peek into the distillery’s treasure chamber. It never ceases to amaze people.

Incentive Sennkurs im Käsehaus Montafon, Schruns
Käse Sennkurs im Käsehaus Montafon, Schruns
Schnapsbrennerei Prinz-Fein Brennerei
Eventlocation Bergbrennerei Löwen, Au