Sunrise hike

Sonnenaufgangswanderung Diedamskopf, Au-Schoppernau

Start your day on the top of a mountain, watch the sun rise and remind yourself of the scale of things – this brings you back down to earth for the tasks to be faced. However, night owls can take a sigh of relief: observing the sunset from the stop of a mountain has the same, salutary effect. It is amazing that we are not advised by our doctors to participate in this experience. Peaks offering a spectacular view and which are accessible after a not-too-long walk are a-plenty in Vorarlberg. Trained hiking guides entertain their guests with original tales and impart interesting information about the region and the countryside.

Duration: 2-4 hours

Sonnenaufgangswanderung Damüls
Sonnenaufgangswanderung Vordere Niedere
Sonnenaufgangswanderung Heiterberg und Gamsfuß
Sonnenaufgangswanderung zur Hochkünzelspitze