Rahmenprogramm Lamatrekking im Montafon

Probably everybody by now has heard someone raving about it: hiking with llamas and alpacas. Those who think that it could be boring will definitely be proven wrong: you can’t get more spontaneous relaxation than with llama trekking. The animals are not only woolly, they’re incredibly relaxed and easygoing. That transfers itself to the people around them within seconds and you can actually feel yourself winding down. A walk through the Vorarlberg countryside in the company of llamas is a great way of spending a few really relaxing hours with your team and give them the opportunity of talking freely and getting to know each other. Be it as a thank-you for working well together, as the kick-off to a project or as a group activity in the fresh air: llama trekking improves team performance and productivity. The good-natured animals trust the people with them if they’re treated with respect, which, of course, fits naturally into any team-building concept. And, by the way, llamas usually only spit at other llamas, not at people.

Llama trekking is available at various locations in Vorarlberg throughout the year as a one- or several-hour hike.  

Duraion: 1-3 hours

Lamatrekking im Silbertal
Wandern mit Lamas, Silbertal in Vorarlberg
Lama Trekking im Montafon
Rahmenprogramm Lama Trekking im Silbertal