Brewing beer


Rahmenprogramm Brautag im Verner's 2020

There are many ways to drink beer. But when does the opportunity to brew your own beer ever crop up? Brewing assistant and beer sommelier Johannes shares in-house beer brewing know-how with beer enthusiasts at Verner’s Brewing Day. Over the course of just one day, participants are taught how to make beer and will, of course, be given the option to taste their way through different varieties. The session focuses on working together and enjoying the different varieties. The perfect team event because it provides an opportunity to work intensively together, learn from professionals and take away informative highlights. Sandwiches, lunch and snacks will be provided for. Lunch will be followed by a tasting session. Cheers!

 Duration: approx. 7 hours

Rahmenprogramm Bier-Brautag, Verner's 2020
Braukessel im Verners 2020, Bierbrauen
Verner's 2020
Rahmenprogramm Gemeinsames Kochen im Verner's 2020, Bartholomäberg
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