Tasteful teamwork


Küche, Verner's 2020 in Bartholomäberg

The best thing about cooking is that it brings people together. So any opportunity to create a stir in the kitchen – be it during an event for team-building or when people are getting to know each other or during a workshop – should be seized. All of which is possible at Verner’s in a relaxed living-room atmosphere and at four different cooking classes:

Alice in Wonderland

Ladies only is the motto for a five-course menu that Thomas Hilbrand helps conjure up. Between 10 and 20 participants can learn how to cook and prepare both simple and complex dishes. The participants will be using locally sourced products before being able to enjoy what they have prepared themselves with accompanying drinks.

Duration: approx. 5 hours

Men's alpine cooking experience

There are also classes for men to learn how to cook five-course menus from locally sourced ingredients. They’ll be taught the basic tricks of the trade that are used to prepare both simple and complex dishes and how to plate them up beautifully. The cooking class is suitable for to 20 participants and concludes with a tasting not only of the prepared food but also of the venue’s own fine spirits.

Duration: approx. 5 hours

Käsknöpfli and Schnäpsli

The classics of good Vorarlberg cuisine. Participants in this cooking class will learn how to cook really good Käsknöpfli (cheese spaetzle) and then enjoy them together. As is tradition, the Knöpfli will be accompanied by schnapps produced at the venue’s own distillery.

Duration: approx. 3 hours

Lamb cooking class with Montafoner Steinschaf

Participants at Thomas Hilbrand’s lamb-cooking class will be taught in a relaxed atmosphere how to prepare wonderful dishes. The ingredients are sourced as far as possible from the venue’s own production and transformed into delicious creations.

Duration: approx. 4 hours

Gemeinsames Kochen, Alpiner Männerkochkurs im Verner's 2020
Edelbrandverkostung im Verners' 2020, Bartholomäberg
Küche, Verner's 2020 in Bartholomäberg
Gemeinsames Kochen Kässknöpfle, Rahmenprogramm im Verner's 2020