Distilling your own gin


Zutaten Gin Workshop eventaktiv

Vorarlberg has long stood for individual enjoyment. The Gin Workshop by eventaktiv follows this credo. The gin stills are ready and waiting for participants to distil their own gin from high-quality ingredients and to discover the secrets of the art of distilling under the guidance of experts. An individual bouquet of different spices is put together in small groups and the heart of the gin is separated from the foreshot and tail. The result is a unique gin of the participants’ own making with, of course, a gin and tonic tasting to round off each distillation. Be it indoors or outdoors, the Gin Workshop is the ideal team-building event for all those who like to learn new things in an entertaining way, work together creatively and have a soft spot for flavoursome enjoyment.

  • Duraion: 2 - 3 hours
Gin Workshop eventaktiv
Braukessel Gin Workshop eventaktiv
Braukessel mit Zutaten, Gin Workshop eventaktiv
Zutaten Gin Workshop eventaktiv