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Rent a Village Brand & make!sense meetings

Sometimes no less than an entire village does the trick. Sometimes it needs just a little jolt. The xnet agency has produced the appropriate solution for both situations with its rent-a-village and make!sense meetings. And everything that goes with that.

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Rent a Village

It really is an extraordinary location idea to turn a village filled with life into a conference centre for between 50 and 1,200 participants. But above all, it’sa unique opportunity to immerse a business event into another world. An entire village is ‘branded’ with that company’s logo, street signs and flags. The mayor delivers a welcome speech and presents the village key as a sign of the village’s links to the company. Then the visitors practically own the village. Participants who hardly know each other suddenly become neighbours who meet in the morning on their way to the conference. Workshops are held sometimes in the village hall, sometimes in the alpine hut, sometimes in the pub. It’s very charming.  

A wide variety of rooms with a total of 1,100 square metres are available for conferences, celebrations and workshops. The group activities range from alpine hiking with the romance of stopping off in an alpine hut to husky sledge rides and a high ropes course. Of course, it’s not necessary to work through the list on one’s own, the rent-a-village by xnet team is, of course, always happy to help with the choosing and planning. The entire concept has been developed with a view to sustainability as a standard of quality and has been awarded a GreenNote certificate.

make!sense meetings

The professionals at make!sense meetings established the MyHope Initiative, a professional accompaniment for processes for teams, especially to meet the challenges of these demanding times because the art of motivation when things are difficult is something that has to be learned. Sometimes it has to be big and space-consuming, sometimes small and modest. MyHope workshops give teams the positive jolt they need at the moment. They encourage a sense of togetherness, lively exchanges and new strategies. MyHope Meetings and rent-a-village are simply great to combine. 

Contact: Karl Schwärzler


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