Festspiele Bregenz © Kongresskultur Bregenz, Anja Köhler

Vorarlberg to host global illuminating innovators

Every year the Bregenz Festival House turns into the centre of light innovation. It is that time of the year again, September 20-22 2016 sees Bregenz, on the shore of Lake Constance, host one of the most illuminating events in congress culture. The LED professional Symposium+Expo will see, anybody who is anybody in light innovation, come together for these three important days.

Light hadn’t been the focus of much attention for decades: however, since LEDs have been gaining ground, the innovative power of this line of business has multiplied. The semi-conductor technology gives back its energy by over 50% in the form of light, therefore putting other light sources in the shade when it comes to consumption. It also seriously reduced heat losses, no environmental toxins, no recycling problems. This also fits in the «Green Meetings» concept of Bregenz Festival House, where the latest technologies have been presented every year ever since the very first LpS in 2011.

There’s a lot more to light

The trend is clear: light technology and connected mobile devices will work with each other in order to make their owners’ life lighter and brighter. Individually coordinated light sources are designed to banish the winter blues, simplify purchasing habits (or gently steer them) and increase safety on the roads, for example.

All this is undoubtedly sensible and important. Despite this, however, it is to be hoped that the lights don’t simply go out when a connected biorhythm measuring device tells the computer that it is time to go to bed! This topic and similar issues and developments are on the agenda during the three-day symposium.

With his company Luger Research, Siegfried Luger, the founder of this event, researches global trends, networks the international community and attracts organisations such as the «EPIC» European Photonic Industry Consortium and the Chinese International Soli Ed State Lighting Alliance «ISA» to Bregenz. The industry of light sources is currently undergoing a rapid development globally and because an exchange of knowledge is still best person to person this year’s event is set to be the biggest yet.

Globally leading technology

Prof ShujiNakamura, 2014 Nobel laureate for physics, will be opening the conference this year. The professor at Santa Barbara University (California) was the inventor of white light technology, the first to succeed (in the 1990s) to make blue light – as the basis of white light – ready for production and, hence, enable the triumphal march of the LEDs.

Over 1,500 visitors from 40 different countries throughout the world are expected to attend, and to be inspired by the high-calibre of speakers. Over 100 international exhibitors demonstrate their most exclusive new developments, visionaries from the field of technology develop ideas for the future, like the face of optimal lighting of efficient plant growth through to the gentle brightening of moods, and the other opportunities presented by the perfect light.