Hiking and collecting herbs

Kräutergarten Kochmeisterei, Hohenems

What native wild herbs actually grow on our doorstep? Which ones are edible? What are their effects and what do they look like? Experts accompany participants on these herb hikes and share their knowledge with them. Participants will learn to identify and use horsetail, burnet and coltsfoot. The herb hikes take in places where there are no cars and the meadows are still fresh and unspoilt. The programme is available in almost any form – from hikes lasting several hours, to cooking sessions, to workshops where herbs are made into salves and creams. Gathering and hiking takes place during the warm seasons.

Gruppeausflug zum Herzsee im Kleinwalsertal
Herbert Edlinger Genusswanderung Kleinwalsertal
Kräutergarten Kochmeisterei, Hohenems
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