Guided Tour


Alploch und Rappenlochschlucht

Fantastic opportunities to escape the hustle and bustle of the city exist in and around Dornbirn. For example, the guided tours through the Rappenloch and Alploch gorges. But it never is actually completely quiet in the cool gorges because the gurgling and rushing of the Dornbirner Ach remain constant companions. The guided tour takes participants at a safe height over wooden footbridges along the rock faces across the water and past forests and waterfalls. How the forest communities are constantly changing along the trail and how powerfully the water cuts its way through the hard limestone are tremendous spectacles of nature. Those who have never visited before should best lace up their hiking boots and let the guide take them through the gorge. Rappenloch Gorge is one of the largest in central Europe and, on warm summer days, it is a pleasantly cool place to escape to from the city for a few hours.

Duration: 2 hours

Blick in die Rappenlochschlucht
Führung in der Rappenlochschlucht in Dornbirn
Kirchle, Dornbirn
Stausee in der Rappenlochschlucht Dornbirn