Seifenkisten Rallye - Teambuilding in Vorarlberg © Adilajda Begic

Soapbox building with rally

Creative minds and technical skills are required here. The task is to build a soapbox that can be raced from pre-made kits. There are no limits to creativity here. The next two hours will see participants fastening, measuring, building, glueing, painting and carrying out several test runs. Because the final race – including a pit stop during which the tyres must also be changed – will show which team has worked together most successfully to bring victory home. But before the starting signal is given, the team members must present the soapbox to the others in a way that is as original as possible – Formula 1 experience is clearly an advantage here. The soapboxes will be built by various small teams of six to eight members. It will also be possible in the event of bad weather to race the soapboxes indoors in a larger conference room.

Duration: 2-3 hours