Schloss Wolfurt Innenhof
Schloss Wolfurt

Breathe in the history and get the party started. The halls once graced by local nobility now serve as an inspiring location for events of all kinds.  

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It was supposedly Kaiser Barbarossa who first erected a fortress here in 1180. Since then, Schloss Wolfurt has survived two fires and served many different functions. In its most recent incarnation, it plays host to various meetings and events. Whether you’re looking for uninterrupted discussions or an exuberant party, with the antique furniture and historic façade, this castle is an extraordinary backdrop for any event. There’s room here for up to 50 people, with an outdoor area for up to 100. Catering can also be added here upon request, and in good weather the al fresco space offers wonderful views across Wolfurt and the surrounding valley. 

Contact: Fabienne Riegler & Saskia Vonach

Schloss Wolfurt

Schlossgasse 10
6922 Wolfurt
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