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It is possible to certify events in Vorarlberg with the Österreichische Umweltzeichen – the Eco Symbol of Austria – for ‘Green Meetings and Green Events’. ‘Green Meetings’ and ‘Green Events’ are characterised by better energy efficiency, waste avoidance and environmentally-friendly travel to and from the events as an alternative to the production of mountains of waste and traffic tsunamis. Central aspects are climate protection, creation of value in the region and social responsibility. The events’ standing can therefore be improved among the population, participants and sponsors.

The criteria for Green Meetings cover all aspects of an event:

  • Mobility and climate protection
  • Accommodation
  • Event venues
  • Procurement, material and waste management
  • Catering / hospitality
  • Communications
  • Social aspects
  • Event technology

A range of MUST criteria need to be fulfilled in this regard (e.g. communication of opportunities to travel by public transport, avoidance of canned drinks, waste separation at the event location, etc.) and SHOULD criteria that allow a series of points to be scored. Various numbers of points need to be achieved depending on the size of the event.

Convention Partner Vorarlberg has been licensed to use the ‘Green Meetings and Green Events’ eco symbol and certify events as sustainable since 2013. Other licensees in Vorarlberg include the Festspielhaus Bregenz, the Kulturhaus in Dornbirn, the Montforthaus in FeldkirchHotel Schwärzler in Bregenz, (f)acts Events and the event agency WEGWEISER.

The desire is for sustainable events to become a matter of course in Vorarlberg. This makes it necessary to raise awareness among tourism service providers. The number of businesses certified with the Austrian Eco-label – be it hotels, locations or catering businesses – is constantly growing in Vorarlberg.

The Meetings Industry Report Austria (mira) summarizes the number of ‘Green Meetings and Green Events’ in Austria. 2019 a total of 25 events and meetings got certified as ‘Green Meeting’ or ‘Green Event’. 

"The conditions for an authentic Green Meeting in Vorarlberg are ideal! Many providers live the values of sustainability and regionality, providing a good basis for the certification."
Sabine Künz Green Meetings and Green Events
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