7 conference hotels where hospitality is at home


Abendessen im Hotel Schwärzler, Studienreise Grenzenloses Eventdesign am Bodensee

Vorarlberg has blossomed into a hotspot of commercial connectivity. The innovative power and the excellent natural conditions have transformed the mountain-valley landscape into a magnet for event organisers. But most of all, however, the hospitality that guests will encounter at conference and convention hotels is simply epic. The phenomena of heart-felt geniality as well as personal and professional service are things that are not often experienced in this way. For those who are looking for just that for their conferences, we present seven host families in Vorarlberg.

Hotel Gasthof Krone Hittisau, Nussbaumer family

Oskar is chatting with Max about his day at school, Dietmar and Angelika are philosophising about wine and Helene is already planning dessert. A babble of voices rises from the table in the lounge. But everyone is still somehow listening to what the others are saying – and that’s typical for lunch time with the Krone family – sometimes there are up to 15 people at the table. So it’s not surprising that the Krone is a place where people can operate and work together. And you learn a thing or two about organisation and efficiency when even lunch almost becomes an event that needs to be planned. The 70-square-metre meeting room is able to accommodate up to 25 people and the venue is also certified for Green Meetings and Green Events and is a member of the ‘Gastgeben auf Vorarlberger Art’ hospitality network (‘Hosting the Vorarlberg Way’).

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Sonne Lifestyle Resort Bregenzerwald, Lässer family

Natalie Lässer still remembers the exact moment when ‘her sun’ rose and she stepped up to run the business and follow in the footsteps of her grandmother Margret Bischofberger. She was almost legendary in Mellau because hardly anyone was able to fill the place with life like she was able to. So it’s only logical for the Lässer family to continue this tradition and to put together individual conference packages for the four conference and meeting rooms that offer everything that working together requires. Whether it’s a conference with 200, meetings with 10 or conventions with 70 people, a little sunshine is good for any event. The Sonne Mellau is also a member of the ‘Gastgeben auf Vorarlberger Art‘ network.

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Küche Hotel Krone Hittisau
Gastgeberin Natalie und Michael Läßer, Sonne Mellau

Walliserhof Brand, Berthold-Meyer family

It quickly becomes clear how precious it is in such a fast-paced time as ours to be greeted and welcomed with heart-felt warmth. Hospitality is not something that requires orchestration. The sporty designer hotel is casually fine, large in a minimalist style and ranges somewhere between extravagant and really cosy. The Walliserhof is an insider tip for all those who want to tinker, create and work productively because bright flashes of inspiration need a fresh ambience. Up to 100 people are able to take part in courses, meetings and conferences, blow away the cobwebs in the fresh mountain air during the breaks and get to know each other better at convivial alpine-hut evenings. Gourmet cuisine, spa, seminar packages – it's all there.

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Panoramagasthof Kristberg, Zudrell family

Panoramagasthof Kristberg is characterised by that harmonious atmosphere that it is only ever to be found in family-run businesses. Unsurprisingly – because an almost picture-book family history runs through it all. Adolf Zudrell took over the inn with a handshake in 1963 and built it up with his wife Roswitha. The two obviously passed the hospitality gene down to their son Jürgen, who has been running the business since 2000 and now works with his daughters Jasmin and Sophia. The special thing about the Kristberg is not only the family atmosphere and the fresh mountain breeze, there is also generally a positive energy in the air. A true place of inspiration and power for dynamic group work, presentations and conferences for up to 25 participants. All meetings at the Kristberg have been CO2-neutral since 2017.

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Gastgeberfamilie Berthold-Meyer, Hotel Walliserhof
Gastgeberteam vom Panoramagasthof Kristberg

Jagdhaus Monzabon Lech, Schneider family

Jagdhaus Monzabon in Lech presents a decidedly cosmopolitan flair although it retains a flair for traditional – in its name, its style and in its awareness that nothing can replace sincere hospitality. The Schneider Family has preserved old traditions in a natural way while allowing modernity to gently breathe new life into them. The unexcited cosiness makes it easy to focus on the essentials. Those who wish to concentrate on their work and who are able to appreciate a family-like – almost nostalgic – atmosphere cannot go wrong with Jagdhaus Monzabon. The meeting room offers space for up to 20 participants, boasts modern equipment and can also be divided into two separate sections. The family puts together individual packages for meetings and demonstrates genuine flexibility in its planning.

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Familie Schneider, Hotel Jagdhaus Monzabon
Aussenansicht Seminarhotel Jagdhaus Monzabon, Lech

Hotel Lamm Bregenz, Schenk family

It is the classic family story: moving from South Tyrol to Vorarlberg for love, jointly building a future and thus laying the foundation for three generations. That is how it was for Peter and Vevi Schenk in 1951. Brothers Daniel and Peter are now running the business and have transformed the small inn of yesteryear into a modern conference hotel. How deeply the two are rooted to their home is revealed in the names of the six different conference rooms: Saal Bregenz, Raum Bodensee, Pfänder and Mehrerau. There is also a wine cellar and the Peterszimmer (Peter’s Room) that allows guests to work and talk entirely without interruption. That is because a conscious decision was made to not install Wi-Fi in these spaces. Refreshingly unconventional.

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Hotel Krone Dornbirn, Rhomberg family

Maria Rhomberg is what we would today call the epitome of a ‘super woman’. With two small children, widowed and on her own, she has transformed the Krone from a simple pub into an inn with guest house. Her boys started helping out in the kitchen when they were old enough to do so and Thomas gradually assumed the role of host over time. He has also passed this passion on to his daughter Bettina. The Krone has in the meantime become not only a guest hotel but also a conference hotel. There are meeting rooms of different sizes that range between 27 and 75 square metres and feature everything that successful collaboration and brainstorming needs. Those wishing to leave their usual working environments behind and who are looking not only for a family-like but also inspiring ambience will find it at the Krone.

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Gastgeber Familie Rhomberg, Hotel Krone Dornbirn
Gastgeber Daniel und Peter Schenk, Hotel Lamm
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