Lake Constance Event Boats

Dampfschiff Hohentwiel auf dem Bodensee
What better way to experience Lake Constance than on board one of the lake’s event boats?

The varied event programme on the waves of the lake offers an inspiring contrast to congresses, meetings and conferences. Be it elegant dining on the MS Sonnenkönigin, afternoon tea on board the Hohentwiel or an impressive Lake Constance cruise with Vorarlberg Lines - the highlights that your colleagues, business partners and meeting participants will experience on Lake Constance’s fleet of event boats will remain unforgettable. In short: a unique and atmospheric way to round off any successful event.

All in all, Lake Constance event shipping presents an impressively varied programme: the old paddle steamer Hohentwiel is a historic gem where top-rated chef Heino Huber serves culinary delicacies. The MS Sonnenkönigin is probably one of the most modern and unique event locations ever and its noble ambience will emphasise your event even more. And Vorarlberg Lines will create the framework for unforgettable experiences for all types of events and celebrations. Anyone who appreciates the exclusive frame of a yacht will find the right location at White Star Yachting.

Tagungslocation Sonnenkönigin
Veranstaltung auf dem Eventschiff MS Sonnenkönigin
Salon MS Österreich, Hard
Eventlocation Hohentwiel

From classic to hip, from relaxed to exciting, from morning to evening. Their very own charm that Lake Constance’s fleet of vessels has to offer will enrich your event and the particularly extraordinary group activities will stay in the minds of the people attending your meetings for a very long time to come. Lake Constance is fascinating for both local residents as well as international guests regardless of whether your colleagues or business partners are travelling from near or afar. You’ll be able to impress congress partners with culinary delicacies and motivate, activate and encourage new employees and colleagues in a contemporary style with team-building that is both informal and unconventional. The fleet of Bregenz event vessels focuses on communication, experience and enthusiasm.

Eventlocation MS Österreich, Hard
Schifffahrt am Bodensee mit Blick auf Vorarlberg
Salon MS Österreich, Hard
Schifffahrt vorarlberg lines, Studienreise Grenzenloses Eventdesign am Bodensee

You’d like to create a special atmosphere for your meeting, your conference or your congress by staging it on board one of Lake Constance’s event boats? You’d like to take the opportunity to present a regional highlight to your meeting or conference participants? We’d be happy to help you find the right event for you on board one of Lake Constance’s event boats.


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