Secret Room


Rätsel Secret Room

One mission, one hour, one team. Many clues have been hidden but your team only has 60 minutes to solve the conundrum – your time starts now! A trend that is taking such major cities as New York and London – and now even Dornbirn – by storm. Teams must draw on their skills and capabilities while above all demonstrating nerves of steel in a room full of secrets. They must find the clues, combine items and solve puzzles in a race against the clock. An hour full of charged action, electrifying excitement and teamwork in a class of its own awaits. Who says that team-building events can’t be fun?

max 14 participants (in two rooms), bigger groups start staggered

Secret Room, Dornbirn
Incentive Secret Room, Dornbirn
Rätsel Secret Room
Strategiespiel Secret Room