Fine Spirits Tasting

Lagerfässer Prinz Fein-Brennerei

If you order a local schnapps in Vorarlberg, you’d better be prepared for a wide choice. Numerous products from local distilleries are also attracting attention when it comes to international competition. Sampling the award-winning distillates in the distillery itself and getting to know the people behind the colourless spirits bestows the sampler with a completely new understanding and treats them to a completely new taste experience. Spending the night at one of the mobile distilleries which are still in service in many towns is also recommended. One such place is Rankweil, where the next generation is also burning with desire for the self-distilled schnapps and burn the midnight oil in the cold autumn.

Duration: 2 hours

Brennkessel in der Bergbrennerei & Gasthaus Löwen
Rahmenprogramm Schnapsverkostung in der Prinz Fein-Brennerei
Aussenansicht Bergbrennerei & Gasthaus Löwen im Bregenzerwald
Rahmenprogramm Prinz Fein-Brennerei