Sustainable Meetings and Events in Vorarlberg

Zimba Panorama

In Vorarlberg, the values of high quality, authentic hospitality, regionality, and social fairness have always been important. Alongside this, sustainable development and a responsibility for nature also have pride of place, with sustainability becoming more and more embedded in the mentality of conference and event organizers.  

Due to its location, an environmentally friendly journey by bus or train from neighbouring Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein is easy - a well-developed range of public transport services facilitates local mobility across borders. 

Sustainability occupies an important place in many of Vorarlberg's tourist businesses, and several congress centres, event locations and seminar hotels have sustainability certificates with more on the way. 

Vorarlberg stands for high-quality and varied spaces offering nature, culture and adventure between Lake Constance, valleys and mountains. There are plenty of opportunities here for sustainable social events & activities before, after, and during your event.