Birdsclub in the Rheindelta

Naturschutzgebiet Rheindelta Birdsclub

The Rhine Delta nature reserve extends over an area of 2,000 hectares and is characterised by alluvial forests, wet and bedding meadows, reed beds and extensive sandy beaches and is a breeding and resting ground for birds. Around 330 species of bird have been observed here and the world of plants and small animals is just as impressive. Whether you simply wish to take a relaxed and quiet walk or discover the mysterious corners of the countryside in the company of a local nature guide, the area is simply fascinating! The Hotel am See in Hard provides a special service for guests interested in ornithology with a birdwatching app that was specially developed for the Rhine Delta nature reserve. The BirdsClub App provides an overview of the native bird species and their behaviours at all times. The individual bird species are shown in images, described and their songs can be played from sound files. This makes it possible to identify birds in the area from their calls and songs – and the search for nearby birdwatching observation points is also very easy.

BirdsClub Rheindelta
Birdwatching BirdsClub Rheindelta
Birdwatching BirdsClub Rheindelta
Störche Birdsclub Rheindelta