Frau Kaufmann's


Incentive Kochrunde mit Frau Kaufmann, Bregenzerwald

The winner of the Vorarlberg Tourismus innovation prize attracts any amount of delighted pupils to her exceptional cookery school. In the traditional Engel restaurant in Egg, old recipes are re-interpreted, with the kitchen and the shop revolving around people and the creation and enjoyment of everyday dishes. From self-made bread through to deer liver: the range of recipes which are cooked as part of a team and then consumed together is enormous. At the end of a cookery lesson with Frau Kauffmann, the attendees know how to plan the menu for a whole week and how to easily cook the traditional dishes.

Duration: 4-6 hours

Rahmenprogramm Kochkurs mit Frau Kaufmann, Bregenzerwald
Kochworkshop Frau Kaufmann, Vorarlberg
Küche Frau Kaufmanns Kochrunde
Kochworkshop Frau Kaufmann