Exit the Room


Team Incentive Exit Room, Lünerseefabrik Bürs

Heads are spinning, teams have to think hard and their logic is put to the test. The Escape Room has its own rules. The mix of tense thrills, adrenaline and group dynamics is unique, only those who are able to draw on their own capacities for logic and deduction will be able to find their way out. It’s a challenge that you wouldn’t want to take on with just anyone. A genuine team that sticks together and that, above all, works together is what is needed. The participants undergo joint training by the powerful wizard Dumbledore, the final tests are just around the corner. But it doesn’t come to that because a dark magician is threatening to destroy the master. He’s been attacked and overwhelmed at his weakest moment. Now it’s entirely up to the team to save his life. The elixir that will save him must have been brewed in just 60 minutes. Sounds easy, but it’s not. Only those with enough courage and knowledge will save their master.

max 12 participants (in two rooms), bigger groups start staggered

Team Building im Exit Room in Bürs
Team Building im Exit Room, Lünerseefabrik Bürs
Team Incentive Exit Room, Lünerseefabrik Bürs
Team Aktivität im Exit Room in Bürs