Flying Fox Incentive (c) Golm Silvretta Lünersee Tourismus GmbH, Christoph Schöch

Flying Fox

For some, dashing through the woods at a speed of 130km an hour is just a speed kick at an altitude of 160 metres. For others, it is the craving for their own wings that you get for the duration of the flight at least. Hanging on steel ropes lets you understand how a bird of prey feels during a nosedive. Try out your wings at over 1,600 metres at five different Flying Fox stations in Vorarlberg – from traversing the reservoir through to the deep gorge, each flight is pretty spectacular. Whether your flight of fancy takes place as the launch to a seminar, to seal the results or to take a breather, such a leap is an impressive experience every time.

Duration: depends on the number of participants