Incentive Vorarlberg Schausennen (c) Alma Bergsennerei Hinteregg

Alma Bergsennerei Hinteregg (Dairy)

The Sennerei Hinteregg was established in 1938 and has always been an insider tip where delicious cheese specialities are concerned. Florian Lang is the alpine dairyman who’s today responsible for transforming pasture milk sourced from 11 farms into Vorarlberg alpine cheese. Guided tours of the dairy reveal to visitors how fresh pasture milk is turned into cheese. Copper kettle, salt bath, maturing cellar and explanations of the individual steps provide insights into the cheese-production process – the 45-minute tour ends with a tasting of the aromatic cheese produced at the dairy, which is the highlight of the trip. Alpine cheese is available to purchase at the farmers’ markets in Wolfurt and Bregenz and directly from the mountain dairy above the Pfänder.

Duration: 45 minutes + following cheese tasting