Pfaenderbahn (c) Othmar Heidegger

Getting here

Whether you are coming by train, plane or car – you can easily reach the lovely heart of Europe, with all its marvellous natural splendour. Vorarlberg is a pleasantly small country, easily accessible from all directions.

Getting here

  • Vorarlberg is easily accessible by all routes, and from all directions. Motorists travelling on the motorways and dual carriageways in Austria must buy a vignette.
    Plan your route

    from the North
    via Stuttgart – Singen – Meersburg – Lindau
    via Ulm – Memmingen – Lindau
    via Augsburg or Munich – Kempten – Lindau or
    via Munich – Memmingen – Lindau

    from the West
    via Zurich – St. Gallen – St. Margrethen
    via Zurich – Walensee – Sargans

    from the South
    via Como (I/CH) – San Bernardino – Thusis – Chur
    via Reschenpass (I/A) – Landeck or  Brenner-motorway (I/A) –
    Innsbruck – Landeck – Arlberg-Road Tunnel or -Pass

    from the East
    via Innsbruck – Landeck – Arlberg-Road Tunnel or -Pass

  • From Germany, by DB trains such as via Lindau/Bregenz
    From Switzerland, via Zurich – St. Gallen – Bregenz or Zurich – Sargans – Feldkirch
    From Austria, via Innsbruck and the Arlberg-Road Tunnel

    Austrian Federal Railways
    German Railways
    Swiss Federal Railways

  • The closest airports are Zurich (CH), St. Gallen-Altenrhein (CH, scheduled flights with the People’s Viennaline to and from Vienna), Friedrichshafen (D, sheduled international flights), Memmingen (D, scheduled international flights with Ryanair and other airlines), Munich (D) and Stuttgart (D).

    The closest airports (Distance to Bregenz):

    St. Gallen/Altenrhein  (25 km)
    Friedrichshafen (32 km)
    Memmingen (83 km)
    Zurich (122 km)
    Munich (190 km)
    Innsbruck (200 km)